Riff Raff (AKA JODY HiGHROLLER) - A Small Compilation

Posted on December 08, 2012 by St3viE B!

We can't help ourselves. At this point, most people have formulated an opinion on Riff Raff (also known as JODY HiGHROLLER). He's one of rap's most eccentric fire spitters, and with each song he throws out a verse that sends you to rapgenius to try and make sense of his references. With his first mainstream appearance on the MTV show "From G's to Gents," (Season 2) in 2009, I'm sure no one expected his ascent out of reality tv hell. 

This interview at VICE is a good Riff Raff read.

Our article is just a small compilation of Riff Raff's best videos (in our opinion) under his JodyHighRoller YouTube account. These music videos, typically directed by Maxwell Albert, are an entertaining watch. Turn the bass up.

RiFF RaFF "Tiger Woods" feat. The Kid Ryan & B.Wash

Chief Keef feat. RiFF RaFF "Cuz My Gear"

Action Bronson feat. RiFF RaFF "Bird On A Wire" 

RiFF RaFF "Chop Another Rock"

RiFF RaFF "Rookie of the Year 2013"


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