SIA Snow Show recap

Posted on June 15, 2012 by St3viE B!

We had a great time showcasing our product for the first time to friends and new faces this past January at SIA in Denver. Here are some random photos that we got.

Before you can take your booth to SIA, you need to get it weighed with all the other big boys coming to town

This is what our booth looked like after we set everything up

One way to get power to everything

Once 5 o'clock rolls around

Close up of the Smug Labs deck we were giving away

Ink Monstr threw a party with Redman. Free Avery beer, PBR, and enough Red Bull Vodka to fill an adult swimming pool

Our mannequin keeping up with everyone else who planks

Get him in a body bag, yeah!

On-Snow demo was the icing on cake, perfect weather and all the new 2012-2013 gear. But it gets better...

Unlimited supply of Coors and hot dogs on the mountain, one the big highlights of the entire trip 

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Smug Labs x AWE Athletics

Cinesthetics x AWE Athletics

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